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15680kHz AWR, Guam送信

ユウゲショウ アカバナ科マツヨイグサ属


5月11日は Adventist World Radio, the Voice of Hope。

  • 周波数 15680kHz
  • 録音時間 2015年5月11日 08:00の終了直前の3分程度
  • グアム送信 100kW

"From the beautiful Pacific island of Guam, this is Adventist World Radio, the
Voice of Hope.
Now concluding our educational and inspirational program at 100, 000 watts. This
station is owned and operated by Adventist Broadcasting Services Inc., and this
part of the Adventist World Radio network of International Broadcast station.
On the behalf of the staff and management of Adventist World Radio, I'm Grag
Sky, thanking you for joining us."



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